Personalities of the Alphabet | Who Are the Cool Kids?

Matthew Suchan
2 min readJun 15, 2022

Have you ever thought about the Alphabet, and what letters hang out together, and which letters are the “cool kids,” or the emo and goth kids? I do. A lot. Is it only me, though? Probably, but I hope not.

Here’s how I see the letters in the alphabet (don’t judge me):

  • ABC— The first, the best, the poster child, obviously the most ideal letters/kids.
  • DEF — The “alt” kids. They’re cool, but not as outgoing and boastful as ABC. They know they’re cool, but that’s how the play it, cool.
  • GHIJK — Random kids that don’t belong to any other group, so they just kinda congregate near each other.
  • L — L gets along with anyone, but isn’t necessarily a part of any one group. That’s why L could go with the randoms before it, but also fits very well with the letters after it.
  • MNOP — Popular, but not too popular. Very middle-of-the-road popular. Like, they’re cool, but you don’t care to be associated with them or not.
  • Q — Q sucks.
  • RST — Definitely the best crew. They’re best friends, well liked by everyone. They fit in well with the outcasts, but the popular letters like them, too. They never cause trouble, just act normal and authentic in any situation.
  • UVW — They’ve been friends forever, but it’s mostly because they look the same and live near each other. They’re individually all weird, so that makes them friends, too.
  • XYZ — They fell into their popularity, just by being the bookend to the alphabet. ABC are the most popular kids, so when the pendulum swings the complete opposite way, it’s not “unpopular,” it’s a mirrored image of popularity. Since ABC comes first, XYZ always knows they’re second best, but they’re fine with it.

Let me know if you’ve ever thought about this, and which letters you’d be friends with the most.